Partnering with Japan

1,Finding a Partner

In terms of financial support Japan is not the most coproduction friendly country.

  • There is NO system of production tax incentive programs.
  • There is NO coproduction treaty except for a document signed with Canada called COMMON STATEMENT OF POLICY ON FILM, TELEVISION AND VIDEO COPRODUCTION BETWEEN CANADA AND JAPAN.

Films are financed as businesses, and overseas producers seeking to coproduce with Japan must first and foremost convince the Japanese counterpart of the project's commercial feasibility in Japan.

Over the years, nonetheless, there have been no shortage of producers who find ways to coproduce with Japan. To aid these efforts, UNIJAPAN periodically organizes seminars, workshops and matching events working with organizations around the world, e.g.,:

Participating in these events will be a useful method for finding your coproduction partner in Japan. News of these events will be announced in UNIJAPAN website.


If you already have a Japanese partner and an agreement to coproduce, the next step will be:

2, Obtaining a Coproduction Subsidy

Japan does have a coproduction subsidy program administered by Agency for Cultural Affairs. It works in conjunction with the UNIJAPAN Certificate.